Summer 2012

Summer 2011
Spring 2011

The Good Guerilla Artists of 2011

Spring Wildflower Camp, 2012

March 26-30 was a blast!. We planted a secret garden and transformed ordinary chairs into seating fit for royalty!

Summer Camp 2011

Little houses made from cigar boxes and other upcycled items such as raisin boxes, cereal boxes and corks

Street banners were created by kids 5-10 years old and will hang until mid-September or until the wind rips through town.

Kids built, painted and tiled tables made from scrap wood and left over tiles from a few neighbors around town.

...where passersby can hang their wishes in the breeze...
The Wishing Tree...

During Spring GreenMakers Camp, 2011, trash from the streets and woods became a replica of Marc Chagall’s Red Bird.

We also planted a secret guerilla garden and left some good grafitti in the woods with moss paint.

On day one, we hiked in Thatcher Woods gathering story scenes and bits of moss and twigs. We stopped and did an imagination exercise of creating an inprov fairy tale where each child added to the story. Back at the workshop the summaries began... Who is the protagonist? What is the setting? What is the plot and who comes to the rescue?

On day two, the stories and pictures started to take shape, each child was in their own world working out the details of their tales.

By day three, we had a full library of original books, written, illustrated and beautiful. Then it was on to the fairy gardens. We built houses, made flower tags and sculpted flower pots in preparation for building gardens on day four.

The grand finale... fairy gardens built and planted with seeds...and finally a sunny spring day!


What a thrill to go from reading stories to children to listening to stories by children!

On the last day of camp, we scrambled to get the yarn bombs on the trees before the sky cut loose!

River Forest was yarn bombed on Lake Street between Forest & Park Ave.

Vital Crafts of the Oregon Trail included music from Greg Reish, musicologist and fiddler extrordinaire.

Eight girls created clothing and accessories, then put on a Fashion Show on the last day of camp.

Camp Runway 2012

Spring Camp 2013

was a time of wonder,  storytelling and imagination.

March 26-29

Summer Camp 2013

Camp Runway, OPEF BASE CAMP, Oak Park

Art Journal Camp

Miles & Smiles of Yarn

Cottage Camp

Our young fashionistas created their wardrobe by repurposing t-shirts, jeans & tank tops. Each outfit was made by hand without sewing machines.

Summer Camp 2014

We recreated a replica of Marc Chagall’s “Circus Rider” using little bits of beads, buttons, Legos, lids, pen lids, game pieces, pencils.... you name it, it’s in there!!! It’s currently on display at the River Forest Public Library...check it out! It’s a junk drawer masterpiece.

Kids created Storybook quilts from their imagination while learning hand and machine sewing.

The Little Bits Workshop offered Quilt Camp through OPEF’s BASE Camp in Oak Park. Kids in 3rd-5th grade created these fabulous quilts!!

Summer Camp 2015

Summer Camp 2016

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