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Kids’ Workshops

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Monday Crafternoons will be

ELF DAYS are full!  AGES 6+

During ELF DAYS there will be approximately 10 different gift projects for kids to choose from. The time it takes to make each project will depend on each crafter’s ability. For this event we design projects that are relatively easy to make, useful for the recipient and we hope VERY CLEVER.... Crafters will probably have time to create 2-4 gifts during each Workshop.

Kids always have fun during Elf Days because they empowered by being able to create REAL presents that they feel confident will be enjoyed.

Monday Crafternoons will resume in January

3:30-4:45 Ages: 7+

Projects are designed to be appropriate for ages 7+. We teach a wide variety of skills such as sewing, paper & fiber arts, knitting, building with small hand tools and art appreciation. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Tuesday Sew Smart     

3:30-5pm Ages: 6+

Students 6-7 will begin by learning hand sewing.

Students 8+ will master the use of a hand sewing and progress to learning how to run a machine. Various hand stitches are taught along with machine techniques to develop well-rounded sewing students They will make a wide variety of whimsical and useful projects.


Tuesday PeaceCraft     

3:15-4:45pm Ages: 8+

Do you feel constantly bombarded by disturbing news in the media? It's hard to shield our kids from it and I've been giving a lot of thought to how craft could create an antidote for the anxiety that bad news causes, albeit on a small scale...

I know for myself, that I can completely lose track of time and events when I'm in my painting zone. And I've seen kids find their zone when they discover a craft that suits's magical!

       SO, we are starting a NEW WORKSHOP on Tuesdays called PeaceCraft that’s more about the journey than the project. Our goal is to give kids a calming tool while teaching them skills such as Kumihimo weaving (friendship bracelets), art journaling,zen tangle, crochet and cross stitch. Our hope is that kids will get hooked on crafts and be more likely to reach for them than an electronic device. For this reason, kids will be encouraged to take these craft projects home with them each week to fill the dull moments.

      Another component of this workshop will be to give. So there may be a project that everyone creates together and gives away to a good cause.


3 Spots open Wednesday Fashionistas
3:30-5pm Ages: 10+ (9+ w/ previous sewing classes)

This sewing class will primarily focus on creating garments from a pattern. Occasionally, students will make other accessories and projects. Instructors will teach the tips and tricks of fitting, putting in zippers, snaps, buttons and everything it takes to make a garment look good.


Thursday MakerNature Club

September-November 3:15-5pm

(Dec-March will be our Thursday Crafternoon Program indoors )

Ages 7+     

The Little Bits Workshop is just blocks from one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Western Suburbs: Thatcher Woods. This new after school program (inspired by Forest Schools across Europe and the work of Andy Goldsworthy) will be a combination identifying plants, animals, insects and birds; keeping a nature journal and learning how to draw what we discover; creating wonderful nature-inspired projects from wood and other natural materials and simply teaching kids how to be good stewards of the tremendous gift of our natural spaces.  Kids will also build forts, cairns, mud paths, gnome houses and create Forest Art. MakerNature Club is fueled by the belief that kids don’t get outside enough. Dress for the weather!

(A good read:

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, Richard Louv

Thursday Sewing Workshop

September-November 3:15-5pm

Ages 7+

Thursday Sewing

Students will learn a wide variety of skills through many different kinds of projects based on their own abilities and skill levels. It will be a combination of hand and machine sewing.


Full Friday Crafternoons 3:15-4:45pm  

Ages 7+  

Friday projects are designed to be age appropriate for ages 7+. We teach a wide variety of skills such as sewing, paper & fiber arts, knitting, building with small hand tools and art appreciation.

Afterschool Workshops in Oak Park

Monday: Lincoln Crafternoons

Tuesday: Hatch Crafternoon & Hatch Knitting Club

Wednesday: Irving, Longfellow Crafternoons

Friday: Mann

Contact your PTO to register.

Saturday Sew Amazing All ages 8+

9:30am - 11:30am

Ages: 7-Adults Cost  $150 for 4-week session

Get going with the basics! Even if you’ve never sewn before, you’ll have success right from the start. At the first session, beginners learn hand sewing and then progress to learning to thread and operate a sewing machine! This class teaches traditional sewing skills (consistent seams, stitching curves, reading and cutting out patterns, and making buttonholes). Projects vary according to season and ages of students.


Saturday Knitting Club

STARTS November 3

NOVEMBER IS FULL, Openings in December

Continues throughout the school year

Beginners & Experienced   9:30 - 11:30, ages 7-Adult

Registration is by the month, $25 per class

$5 materials fee per registration

Knitting & Crochet Club is designed for beginners and experienced knitters. Those with previous experience will be able to choose from a range of projects according to skill level and interests. Family and friends registering together will receive a reduced fee.



Adult Workshops

Saturday Knitting Club & Sewing are for kids and adults! See class description on the left.

Get a group of friends together to do a workshop..sewing, jewelry, art pick! And BYOW!

Plan on a 3 hour workshop to have time to just have fun, catch up with friends, escape the routine and create. A 3 hour workshop is $350 for up to 10 participants.

Adults and Kids LOVE making The Little Bits Cottage together. Plan a parent/child workshop with family or friends. It’s SOOOO much fun!