Here are some of the projects we have planned so far:

  1. Peppermint Mocha Mix - 5-BB

  2. Spa in a jar - 25-BB

  3. Memory Wire Bracelet - 5-BB

  4. Mini Journals - 2-BB

  5. Lip Balm - 6-BB

  6. Goat’sMilk Soap - 6-BB

• Jingle rings - 3-BB

  1. Variety of Ornaments - 2-BB

  2. Hand Painted Wooden Block Pencil Holder - 6-BB

  3. Bath Bombs - 8-BB

  4. Solar Night Light -25-BB

  5. Wooden Spoon with wood-burned design - 8-BB

December 9 FULL

December 16, 1-4pm FULL

Drop your kids off and go get some Christmas shopping done in peace! Meanwhile they will be making some wonderful gifts for you, your family, their friends and teachers.

Your child will be given 100 BITs BUCKS to decide how to spend, so in addition to being really productive, they will learn a little bit about the math and economics of gift giving as they decide how to spend their time and money.